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Believing that sharing knowledge only serves to enrich it, the college library has attained the membership of DELNET (Developing Library Network) which enables students/staff to connect to access the rich repertoire of books/journals of the libraries of hundreds of colleges including NT and also avail themselves of the ILL (Inter Library Loan) facility to borrow books from other colleges libraries. The digital Library facility gives access to journals for research. The IEEE journals and papers can also be downloaded.

Sr.No. Particular Number
1 Volume 32085
2 Title 11390


(National and International)

Sr.No.Particular Number
1 International 49
2National 42

Book Bank

The library has `Book Bank` also, partly funded by the State Government and facilitates students to hire a complete set of books for a given year for a nominal rent. SC/ST students are provided books free of cost.

There is also a reading room for reference books. Cataloguing and issuing books has been completely automated.

Sr.No. Particular Number
1 Volume 23160
2 Title 1255

Gondwana Paper Set


Prof. Hemlata Pangantiwar

Incharge Librarian