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R & D

Research & Development is the backbone of academics. It simplifies concept building and transforms new ideas into innovations in pursuance of a new era of passion for researches. Each finding gives immense pleasure and multiplies enthusiasm towards achieving the target. Research & Development is also the foundation of any nation’s economic growth.

RCERT has exhibited its commitment toward the research & development in the emerging areas/ cutting-edge technologies/thrust areas of engineering, technology & applied sciences for a long. The reflection of it can be visualized from the number of research projects successfully executed by the faculty & students and also from a large number of research publications appeared in International/ National Journals and Conference proceedings. RCERT always encourages the students and faculty to undertake the research in newly emerging frontier areas of Engineering, Technology and Science including Multi-disciplinary fields. Along with the academic research, RCERT has also contributed in the research & development for rural based projects as a part of its commitment towards rural-India and as a result, RCERT is being selected by MHRD as a participating institution for their dream project Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA).

RCERT is also an approved research Center for Higher Learning and Research (CHLR) of Gondwana University, Gadchiroli in many subject areas of Engineering & Applied Sciences viz. Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics & Applied Mathematics and many students are pursuing the research work at this research center. RCERT has good number of approved research supervisors in various subject areas of Engineering & Applied Sciences who have completed their Ph.D./M.Tech. from reputed institutions like NIT Warangal, VNIT Nagpur, MNIT Bhopal, IIT Bombay, ISM Dhanbad,  etc while in service. The list given below highlights the completed and ongoing research projects of faculty & students along with research summaries.

Research/ Thrust Areas

Completed Research Projects:

Name of the Researcher

Designation & Department

Research Topic

Year of Completion

Brief Summary

Dr. Z. J .Khan

Professor,Department of Electrical Engineering

Impact of Sensor Node Parameters on the lifetime of Battery

2018 Click Here

Dr. P. A. Potdukhe

Professor & head,Department of Mechanical Engineering

Solar Assisted Vegetable Cart

2018 Click Here

Dr. R. K. Dhatrak

Associate Professor & Head, Department of Electrical Engineering

Investigations on Bearing Currents and Shaft Voltage in PWM Inverter Fed Three Phase Induction Motor Drive

2017 Click Here

Dr. P.Sangeetha

Assistant Professor,Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Readout  techniques for detecting disease causing pathogens using biosensors

2017 Click Here

Prof. N. J. Janwe

Associate Professor,Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Design And Implementation of Methods For Semantic Concept Based Video Indexing And Retrieval

2017 Click Here

Dr. M.D. Urkude

Website and ITCELL In-charge, R.C.E.R.T.

A Literature Survey on Face Recognition and Insight on Machine Recognition Using Software

2016 Click Here

Dr. R. E. Thombre

Associate Professor,Department of Mechanical Engineering

Numerical study of buoyancy induced flow and heat transfer inside a pipe

2015 Click Here

Dr. V.S. Gorantiwar

Professor,Department of Mechanical Engineering; Dean, I.I.I.Cell

Evolving Quality - Productivity Improvement Framework for Sponge Iron Industry

2014 Click Here

Dr. A.P. Singh

Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

Development of Environmental Management System for an Indian Chemical Industry

2013 Click Here

Dr. A. Z. Chitade

Professor,Department of Civil Engineering, presently Director, Board of Examination and Evaluation

3S Technology for monitoring of coal mine areas

2012 Click Here


Assistant Professor,Department of Applied Chemistry

Synthesis, Characterisation, Molecular Modelling and Biological Studies of Some Oxovanadium (IV) Complexes

2012 Click Here

Dr. M. D. Uttarwar

Professor,Department of Mining Engineering

Investigation and Evaluation of Cast Blasting Technique in Indian Surface Coal Mines

2011 Click Here

Dr. P. A. Potdukhe

Professor& Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Design, Fabrication & Performance Studies On Leaf Plate Making Machine

2008 Click Here

Dr. P. A. Potdukhe

Professor& Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Experimental Studies On Solar Candle Making Machine

2007 Click Here

Dr. P. A. Potdukhe

Professor& Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Development, Simulation And Testing Of A New Type Of Solar Dryer For Agricultural Products

2006 Click Here

Dr. D. V. Bhope

Professor,Department of Mechanical Engineering

Finite Element Analysis of Centrifugal Fan Impeller and Its’ Experimental Verification

2005 Click Here

Dr. S. N. Bisen

Professor, Department of Mining Engineering

Impact of Super Thermal Power Station and Collieries on the Hydro-chemical regime of Durgapur Area,District Chandrapur, Maharashtra

2004 Click Here

Dr .P.G. Agone

Professor,Department of App. Physics

Investigation on some conducting polymers.

1998 Click Here

Dr. Z. J. Khan

Professor,Department of Electrical Engineering

Development of Self Tuning Sub Optimal Power System Stabilizer

1996 Click Here

Dr. R.G.Weginwar

Professor,Department of Applied Chemistry

Neutron Activation Analysis of Biological and Environmental Samples

1992 Click Here

Dr. Mrs. A. K. Dixit

Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry

Studies on Lanthanide Complexes

1984 Click Here



Ongoing  Research Projects:

Supervisor/Name of the Researcher

Designation & Department

Research Topic

Year of Completion

Brief Summary

Dr. Z.J. Khan
Mr. S.K. Gupta

EX-Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering

Study & investigation of Photovoltaic Power System with multi-utility Applications

Ongoing Click Here

Dr. Z.J. Khan

Department of Electronics and Power Systems

Investigations on development of Wireless Sensor Networks for extended lifetime performance

Ongoing Click Here
Dr. Z.J. Khan
Dr. S.G. Akojwar
Ms. Alka Sawlikar

Department of Electronics Engineering

Parametric Evaluation of Cryptographic  Techniques for Enhancement of Energy Efficiency in Wireless Communication Network

Ongoing Click Here
Dr. Z. J. Khan
Mr. U. B. Vaidya

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering.

Condition Monitoring and fault diagnosis in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor.


Click Here

Dr. S. S. Wazalwar
Mrs. A. R. Banpurkar

Department of Applied Chemistry

Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Studies of Some Heterocyclic Molecules Containing Nitrogen, Sulfur and Oxygen

Ongoing Click Here
Dr. Arty K. Dixit
Mr. N. P. Nandanwar

Department of Applied Chemistry

Evaluation And Impact Of Air Pollutants on Ambient Air Quality in Chandrapur District

Ongoing Click Here

Dr. K.R. Dixit
Dr. Y.K. Meshram
Ms. Jyoti M. Laghe

Department of Chemistry

Studies in physico chemical properties of some substituted schiff bases in solution by analytical methods


Click Here